Steering Committee

The SEEDS Steering Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and trainees from across the Department of Surgery who are dedicated to advancing the department's mission of inclusivity, equity, diversity, and belonging. The Steering Committee is responsible for creating, developing, and implementing initiatives and programming that advances this mission, and promotes engagement among other department members.

The Steering Committee includes the Duke Surgery EDI Leadership team, 14 Focus Area leads (two from each Focus Area), the IDEA Scholar, and administrative leadership. 


Assistant Professor of Surgery
EDI Program Coordinator
Vice Chair of Administration and Finance

Education Focus Area Leads

Associate Professor of Surgery
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Environment Focus Area Leads

Professor of Surgery
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Leadership Focus Area Leads

Professor of Surgery
David C. Sabiston, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Surgery

Outreach Focus Area Leads

Lab Research Analyst
Associate Professor of Surgery

Professional Development Focus Area Leads

Special Events, Space & Logistics Coordinator
Professor of Surgery

Recruitment Focus Area Leads

Administrative Director of Research
Professor of Surgery

Research & Innovation Focus Area Leads

Scientific Research Laboratory Manager
Mary and Deryl Hart Distinguished Professor of Surgery, in the School of Medicine

IDEA Scholar

House Staff

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