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A Leader in Laboratory and Clinical Investigation

An internationally recognized leader in laboratory and clinical investigation, the Duke Department of Surgery has been among the top 10 departments of surgery nationally in NIH funding for 25 consecutive years. The department currently has active grants and contracts with $55,309,704 in external funding. Our team of 326 faculty members publish more than 500 articles annually in peer-reviewed journals, disseminating key findings and insights far beyond our walls.

Basic and Translational Research

Our dedicated faculty members bring pioneering research discoveries from the lab to clinical practice through the pursuit of the latest advances in basic and translational research. Unique among surgical departments, the Duke Department of Surgery is home to an active Division of Surgical Sciences comprised exclusively of individuals engaged in basic and translational science. Basic and translational research projects are also conducted by faculty members in other divisions.

Clinical Research

The Department of Surgery is at the forefront of clinical research aimed at improving patients’ lives. Faculty members in the Department of Surgery conduct hundreds of clinical trials each year. As a department within a major academic medical center, the Department of Surgery is able to leverage clinical and research resources to allow patients to access cutting-edge treatments and participate in a broad spectrum of clinical trials.

Duke Surgery Research Scope

Research in the Duke Department of Surgery aims to translate basic science discoveries into new diagnostics and treatments for patients and to affect changes in national policy.

Research Scope

2019 Sponsored Funding Breakdown

The Duke Department of Surgery currently has active research awards, totaling $55,309,704 in external funding.

2019 Funding Pie Chart

Collaborators in Research

The Duke Department of Surgery collaborates on research initiatives with the following schools, centers, and institutes at Duke University:

Student Research Opportunities

The Department of Surgery offers many research options for undergraduate and medical students. Students can join ongoing research projects with world-renowned faculty members dedicated to providing mentorship, career advising, and shadowing opportunities.