Faculty Resources

Duke Surgery Administrative Contacts

Please see the Administration page for contact information.

Parking Information

Faculty must register their vehicles and pay for parking at the Services Center on the basement level of the Duke Clinics. Visit the Duke Parking and Transportation website.

Employee Health

Required Visit to Employee Health – call (919) 684-3136 for an appointment, or walk-in. The location is the ground floor, Duke Clinics, across from the Red Zone Elevators. See Placement Health Review Requirements.

Benefits Information

Duke University

See Benefits on the Duke Human Resources website.

Contact: Kim Moore, Human Resources Manager, (919) 668-6965

Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC)

See Benefits on the PDC Intranet.

Contact: Ben Phillips, Director of Benefits and Payroll, (919) 613-7771.

Durham VA Medical Center

If you also have a VA appointment, speak to your Division Administrator about getting benefits information.

Network Access – Your User ID

As a faculty member you will have two network IDs, one called your “NetID” account that is used to access Duke University resources, and another called your “DHE” account, used to access Medical Center resources. These two accounts will probably have the same username (in years past these were different) and there is a way to ensure that your passwords for the two accounts match. Learn more about NetIDs

HIPAA Privacy & Security

Duke data may not be stored on non-Duke computers. All data sent outside of the Duke protected network must be encrypted. Ask your IT support staff for specific instructions.

The content of e-mail is not secure. E-mail with secure electronic information (SEI) sent outside of the Duke protected network must be sent using the “send secure” feature (SEI button) from Duke’s e-mail system.

Shred-it boxes are nearby to your work areas. Use the boxes for discarding documents with any sensitive electronic information.

Wireless Network

The “clubs” wireless network requires set-up with your DHE account. The Helpdesk can respond to your questions: 919-684-2243 or DHTS IT web form.


These are key contact numbers and web links to know.

Duke Hospital Operator – (919) 684-8111.

Paging Web – To page someone and to find out who is on call for most clinical services, go to SmartWeb.

Online Phone Book Directory – To find any phone number at Duke, visit the Duke Directory

DukeHealth.org and Duke Surgery Web Profiles - See the Update Your Profile page for instructions on how to update your provider profile on the DukeHealth.org website and your faculty profile on the Duke Surgery website.

Headshots and Video Profiles

If you provide care to patients, the Duke Consultation and Referral Center will pay for your photo. Contact Mike Garrison to request a photo, and at the same time, plan to record a video message for your dukehealth.org profile. The video message can give patients a better understanding of your personality and treatment philosophy.


For questions about faculty onboarding, please contact Melanie Kirk, Onboarding Concierge, at 919-613-6297 or email melanie.kirk@duke.edu.