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Service Centers

Core for Microsurgery and Surgical Models in Small Animals

The Duke Core for Microsurgery and Surgical Models in Small Animals’ mission is to provide investigators with a central high-quality microsurgical service and to design and develop models that require microsurgery in small animals that allow investigators to test their hypothesis.

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Duke Human Heart Repository

The Duke Human Heart Repository began in earnest in 2008 as an investigator driven entity designed to address key questions of interest in the Milano/Bowles research program related to cardiovascular disease causes and treatments, and improvement of cardiac transplantation and mechanical circulatory support outcomes.

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Duke Immune Profiling Core (DIPC)

The Duke Immune Profiling Core (DIPC) is a Duke School of Medicine and Duke Cancer Center Institute Service Center whose academic home resides in the Department of Surgery. The DIPC's overarching mission, "To identify immunologic signatures that predict clinical outcomes," comprises discovery and service components.

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Large Animal Resources Division of Animal Research and Training Core

The Department of Surgery’s Large Animal Resources Division of Animal Research and Training Core, led by Frank Leopardi, provides expertise and support for large animal-based investigations and training. Services provided include performing and providing technical expertise for research and training related large animal procedures.  The Core offers services to investigators within and outside of the Duke Department of Surgery. 

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Substrate Services Core Research Support

The Substrate Services Core Research Support (SSCRS) was developed in 2014 to serve as a centralized processing core and storehouse for research samples for large clinical, consortium-based collaborations and for basic, discovery science. The SSCRS meets the increasing need for high-quality, well-characterized biological samples to be utilized by researchers working in clinical and translational research, ultimately enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of future patients.

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