Feature Stories

Here we share feature stories of the department's efforts and achievements throughout the year, looking deep into the cutting-edge research, educational advancements, and patient care breakthroughs performed by Duke Surgery faculty, trainees, and staff.

Message from the Chair

"Of the lessons reinforced over the past two years, one of the most salient is that growth can't happen by maintaining the status quo."

-Dr. Allan Kirk
Chair of the Department of Surgery

Feature Story

By Michelle Antoinette Macalino

For many residency applicants, the city where they will train is just as important as the benefits of the program itself.

The location where they will begin their surgical careers will not only be their new home for the next several years, but will also be a place where they can relax and have an enriching life outside of their work. For Duke Surgery residents, the city of Durham, NC, fits the bill.