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Our Initiatives


Create performance standard & metrics for teaching and compensation strategies that incentivize education.

In progress:

  • Sponsored URM sub-Is in general, plastic surgery

Coming Soon:

  • Re-evaluation of teaching metrics for faculty & residents
  • Re-evaluation of resident review process for objective milestones
  • Strategies for compensation of teaching work done vs. implied


In progress:

  • Cultural complications curriculum: monthly discussion of cultural issues during General Surgery M&M
  • AWS grand rounds series: yearly lecture & discussion sessions during Surgery Grand Rounds
  • Grand Rounds speaker expectations document & follow-up survey feedback mechanism: all speakers will agree to our standards for respect & professionalism of all Duke community members
  • “Master surgeon” project update to acknowledge our opportunity for recognizing women & people of color who have made significant contributions to the Section
  • Unconscious Bias Dialogue trainings for all residents, faculty, staff (facilitators receive a stipend)
  • Public anti-racism statement
  • Revised mission statement
  • New SEEDS webpage for transparency of group activities
  • Childcare & breastfeeding room access planning
  • Integration into divisional business, agenda item at each Leadership meeting

Coming Soon:

  • Peer to Peer Discussions
  • Online Learning Module
  • “Civility champions” vs. another form of bystander training
  • Patient bias protocol/ behavioral contract
  • Ongoing culture assessment surveys


Leadership training & mentorship skills development.

In progress:

  • Plastic surgery “soft skills” curriculum

Coming Soon:

  • Fostering leadership in national organizations
  • Mentorship skills development for faculty, Launch/Boost team members


Community outreach & compensation strategies, engagement with national organizations.

In progress:

  • Community outreach programs: breast surgery & screening
  • Duke Center for Global Surgery.
  • LMSA, SNMA, AWS memberships & conference participation

Coming Soon:

  • Strategies for RVU compensation for outreach activities

Professional Development, Promotion, & Retention

Rethink how we help our residents and faculty succeed, including formalizing mentorship teams, defining diverse tracks for engagement and promotion.

Coming Soon:

  • Define tracks for diverse interests including DEI involvement, community engagement
  • Launch teams , Boost teams for ongoing professional development
  • Exit interviews with anticipated & departing faculty at pre-determined intervals


Development and enforcement of standardized and equitable recruitment processes for residents, faculty, and staff.

In progress:

  • Standardized recruitment process for residents implemented 2020-2021
  • Implicit bias training for interviewers
  • Transparency & distribution of decision making power

Coming Soon:

  • Recruitment Committee to oversee equitable faculty hiring practices

Research & Innovation

Consolidation & expansion of resources for junior faculty research development, specific support for research impacting health disparities and work with direct policy translation.

In progress:

  • SCORES rebranding, “equity fellow” program
  • Duke MIBS Research Fellowship partnership with University of Ecuador Quito

Join the Effort

Interested in shaping the culture of Duke Surgery for the better? Everyone in the Section (residents, faculty, staff) is invited to participate in making actionable plans to make Duke Surgery a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive place to train and work.

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