Campus Events

Diversity and Inclusion Grand Rounds

In collaboration with the GME leadership, the D&I committee sponsors Surgery Grand Rounds on relevant topics, with speakers such as Dr. Valerie Ashby, Duke University Dean of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. David J. Brown, Vice President and Associate Dean for Health Equity and Inclusion, Michigan Medicine, and Kimberly Hewitt, J.D., Vice President for Institutional Equity for Duke University.

Association of Women Surgeons Grand Rounds

Every fall, Duke Surgery hosts a Grand Rounds event that focuses on gender inequality in surgery. With guest speakers consisting of national leaders in surgery from different backgrounds, discussions revolve around the challenges women face upon entering the surgical field, including the pay gap, challenges finding mentors, and career advancement. By examining implicit bias and microaggression as they relate to gender roles, the event aims to improve gender inequality within the Department of Surgery and the Duke University Health System.

Duke Diversity and Inclusion Events