Innovations from Duke Plastic Surgery

Our faculty have developed patents and novel ideas which have translated into grants, spin-out companies and products. These include:

  • Dr. Hollenbeck has developed a novel approach aimed at preventing infections following surgery. Numerous patients receive surgical drains during their surgery. These drains are difficult to clean and may be the source of bacteria. The device that has been created delivers ultraviolet (UV) light to the surgical drain and reservoir to kill potential bacterial pathogens residing within the drain.   
  • Dr. Marcus is interested in device development, and in particular the licensing and commercialization of simple solutions for challenging problems. He currently holds over 15 patents in IP families in the maxillofacial and reconstructive space as well as others in non-medical fields. He has licensed several patents, including those for the Stryker Hybrid Intermaxillary Fixation System and a developing product for fixation of skin grafts and acute wound temporization.
  • Dr. Cendales and her research team have developed a regimen using de novo belatacept in vascularized composite allotransplantation that has successfully prevented rejection and allowed a rejection-free outcome without chronic calcinueurin inhibitor exposure. Vascularized composite allotransplantation (VCA) refers to the transplantation of multiple tissues, such as skin, muscle, tendon, nerve, and bone, as a functional unit (e.g., a hand, the abdominal wall). 
  • Division researchers have discovered methods to improve different types of implants, including glucose sensors for diabetic patients and a new generation of glaucoma drainage devices that have now received FDA approval and are being used by glaucoma patients.

Innovation Resources at Duke and Beyond