May Faculty Recognition

Thomas D'Amico, MD; Joseph Fernandez-Moure, MD, MS; Kevin Saunders, PhD; Kevin Southerland, MD; Betty Tong, MD, MS, MHS

April Faculty Recognition

Linda Cendales, MD; Mitchell Cox, MD; Gayathri Devi, PhD; Guido Ferrari, MD; Michael Lidsky, MD; Chandler Long, MD; Kevin Southerland, MD; Julie Thacker, MD; Brent Theiling, MD

October Faculty Recognition

Alexander C. Allori, MD; Joseph S. Fernandez-Moure, MD; Andrew C. Peterson, MD, MPH; Laura H. Rosenberger, MD; Jonathan C. Routh, MD, MPH​

Divide and Conquer: Responding to COVID-19 with Residency Platoons

To care for patients, healthcare providers must stay healthy themselves. During the initial weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, Duke’s surgical residency programs faced a serious challenge: how to keep their residents safe, healthy, and available, while still meeting the needs of patients in a rapidly changing global landscape.