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Frank Hawkins Kenan Plastic Surgery Research Laboratories

Photo of Bruce Klitzman, PhD

Bruce Klitzman, PhD

Phone: 919-684-3929

Scientific Focus

Injectable biosensor detects oxygen levels in tissue
Injectable biosensor detects oxygen levels
in tissue

  • Improved function of implantable devices
  • Injectable, long-term, optical biosensors
  • Vascularization to optimize mass transport
  • Guiding the body to regenerate tissues and heal wounds

Our lab has expertise in biomaterials, microencapsulation, biosensors, wound healing, and the tissue response to implanted devices. We perform both pre-clinical and clinical studies. We created and ran the tissue viability service at Duke University Hospital and the Durham VA Hospital for 15 years, assessing the oxygenation of compromised limbs and correlating it with the healing potential of problem wounds.

Selected Achievements

  • Core Faculty, Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Founder, MD/MEng dual degree program

Advanced Training

  • Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Contact Us

Bruce Klitzman, PhD, Senior Director
Kenan Plastic Surgery Research Labs
Rm 479, Medical Sciences Research Building 1
203 Research Dr., Durham, NC 27710-3906
Phone: 919-684-3929                   

Latest Publications

Ruppert, David S., Mahmoud M. Mohammed, Mohamed M. Ibrahim, Emilio O. Bachtiar, Kevin Erning, Kayvan Ansari, Jeffrey I. Everitt, et al. “Poly(lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) scaffold promotes equivalent tissue integration and supports skin grafts compared to a predicate collagen scaffold.” Wound Repair Regen 29, no. 6 (November 2021): 1035–50.

Full Text

Bottenus, N., T. Straube, S. Farling, T. Vesel, B. Klitzman, M. A. Deshusses, and I. M. Cheifetz. “Ultrasonic bubble detection and tracking using spatial coherence and motion modeling.” In Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging  Proceedings of Spie, Vol. 11602, 2021.

Full Text

Farling, Stewart, Tobias L. Straube, Travis P. Vesel, Nick Bottenus, Bruce Klitzman, Ira M. Cheifetz, and Marc A. Deshusses. “Development of a novel intravascular oxygenator catheter: Oxygen mass transfer properties across nonporous hollow fiber membranes.” Biotechnol Bioeng 118, no. 1 (January 2021): 345–56.

Full Text

Ibrahim, Mohamed M., Preet S. Patel, Zi Jun Wu, Jennifer S. Chien, Natalie A. Wisniewski, Mahmoud M. Mohammed, and Bruce Klitzman. “Detection of flap tissue ischemia in a rat model: Real-time monitoring of changes in oxygenation and perfusion through injectable biosensors.” Surgery 168, no. 5 (November 2020): 926–34.

Full Text