Neema Sharda DCGS Profile

Neema Sharda

What is your specific area of interest in geriatric surgery?

Delirium prevention, transitioning from hospital after surgery/recovery

What is an example of your best work in geriatric research?

Project CALM: Confusion Avoidance Led by Music; using personalized music to manage pain and anxiety after elective surgery for older adults

In your opinion, what is an important health services research question that needs to be answered in the field of geriatric surgery?

Addressing quality of life and functional status after recovery from surgery (for example, 1 year after)

What are your most relevant geriatric surgery publications?

Bach to the Basics: Implementation and Impact of a Postoperative, Inpatient Personalized Music Program for Older Adults

What is a fun fact about you?

My new favorite hobby is nonsensical communicating with my new son, Sujay, born in July 2018!