Atilio Barbeito DCGS Profile

What is your specific area of interest in geriatric surgery?

I am especially interested in the impact of socioeconomic status and social support on surgical outcomes.

What is an example of your best work in geriatric research?

We recently were awarded a grant through the VA Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) to study perioperative delirium in the elderly population.

In your opinion, what is an important health services research question that needs to be answered in the field of geriatric surgery?

How do socioeconomic status and social support affect recovery from surgery? How can we screen for this during the preoperative clinic visit? What can we do to mitigate the effects of poor social support?

What are your most relevant geriatric surgery publications?

The most relevant are yet to come!

What is a fun fact about you?

I had a music band in my other life.