About the Division

The abdominal transplant surgery program at Duke has a long history in transplantation.

In February 1965, Duke University Medical Center became one of the first institutions in the country to successfully establish a kidney transplant program. Combined kidney and pancreas transplants became available at Duke in 1989, and today Duke continues to be the leading kidney/pancreas program in the Carolinas and Virginia.

In 1984, Duke performed the first successful liver transplant in North Carolina. Our living-related-donor liver transplant program for children and adults was implemented in 1997.

The large volume of transplants, abundance of clinical research trials, and experienced Duke faculty translate to better outcomes for our patients. Survival rates for all Duke transplant patients consistently surpass national transplant survival averages.

The Del Stickel Abdominal Transplant Fellowship Program provides the opportunity for doctors to learn from one of the best kidney/pancreas programs in the country.