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Knechtle Lab

Photo of Stuart Johnston Knechtle, MD

Stuart Johnston Knechtle, MD

Office: 2301 Erwin Road Durham, NC 27710
Phone: 919-613-9687

Scientific Focus

Two unsolved problems in organ transplantation are 1) injury caused by antibody directed at the donor organ; and 2) recurrence of autoimmune disease after transplantation. Neither of these immunologic injuries is well addressed by current immunosuppressive therapy, and both prevent successful long-term allograft function. Our laboratory works in animal models to address the first of these problems and is engaged in human clinical trials to address the second.

Two strategies that we have considerable published experience include lymphocyte depletion and costimulation blockade. At this time we are particularly focused on strategies to address the B cell or plasma cell responsible for producing antibodies. We are developing strategies to safely lower the level of antibody in pre-sensitized hosts to permit successful transplantation in the setting of prior immunization to donor MHC antigens.

Latest Publications

Song, Shengli, Miriam Manook, Jean Kwun, Annette M. Jackson, Stuart J. Knechtle, and Garnett Kelsoe. “A cell-based multiplex immunoassay platform using fluorescent protein-barcoded reporter cell lines.” Commun Biol 4, no. 1 (November 25, 2021): 1338.

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Shaw, Brian I., Vincenzo Villani, Samuel J. Kesseli, Chloe Nobuhara, Mariya L. Samoylova, Dimitrios Moris, Bradley H. Collins, et al. “A Historical Cohort in Kidney Transplantation: 55-Year Follow-Up of 72 HLA-Identical, Donor-Recipient Pairs.” Journal of Clinical Medicine 10, no. 23 (November 24, 2021).

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Schmitz, Robin, Zachary W. Fitch, Paul M. Schroder, Ashley Y. Choi, Miriam Manook, Janghoon Yoon, Mingqing Song, et al. “C3 complement inhibition prevents antibody-mediated rejection and prolongs renal allograft survival in sensitized non-human primates.” Nat Commun 12, no. 1 (September 15, 2021): 5456.

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Kesseli, Samuel J., Jared N. Gloria, Nader Abraham, Samantha E. Halpern, Greta N. Cywinska, Min Zhang, Dimitrios Moris, et al. “Point-of-Care Assessment of DCD Livers During Normothermic Machine Perfusion in a Nonhuman Primate Model.” Hepatology Communications 5, no. 9 (September 2021): 1527–42.

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