October Faculty Recognition

Alexander C. Allori, MD; Joseph S. Fernandez-Moure, MD; Andrew C. Peterson, MD, MPH; Laura H. Rosenberger, MD; Jonathan C. Routh, MD, MPH​

Dr. Lola Fayanju to Serve on Editorial Board of Annals of Surgical Oncology

Lola Fayanju, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Surgical Oncology, has been selected to serve on the Editorial Board for the Breast Oncology Section of the Annals of Surgical Oncology (ASO). A leading journal in Oncology and Surgery, ASO is a monthly publication that features original articles on the latest advances in oncology for surgeons from all specialties. During her 3-year appointment, Dr. Fayanju will review and provide her editorial opinion on manuscripts in breast oncology.

Balancing Act

When Shelley Hwang, MD, MPH, is in the operating room performing surgery on a patient with breast cancer, she focuses all of her considerable experience, skill, and knowledge on the task at hand: giving this individual patient the best possible outcome. At the same time, she recognizes that every operation is an opportunity to learn just a little bit more about the disease she battles every day. Every patient and every procedure add to the store of knowledge that guides research and ultimately informs the advances that improve care.

Breast Surgery Advanced Practice Providers Receive Presidential Award

The Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) on the Breast Surgical Oncology Team have received a Presidential Award from Duke University President Vincent E. Price, one of the highest honors awarded to faculty and staff at Duke. The Breast Surgery APPs were recognized for providing compassionate care to patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer while working to improve the quality of care.