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Duke Surgery faculty and residents publish more than 500 peer-reviewed research articles each year, including many publications in high impact factor journals.

Search the list of publications below by faculty name or sort by division to learn more about our research endeavors.

Grimberg, Dominic C., Ankeet Shah, Jeroen Molinger, John Whittle, Rajan T. Gupta, Paul E. Wischmeyer, Shelley R. McDonald, and Brant A. Inman. “Assessments of frailty in bladder cancer.” Urol Oncol, May 22, 2020.

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Moul, Judd W., Andrew Chang, and Brant A. Inman. “Managing Prostate Cancer Surgical Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Brief Report of the Duke Cancer Institute's Initial Experience.” Oncology (Williston Park) 34, no. 5 (May 13, 2020): 156–62.


Wiener, John S., Nina Huck, Anne-Sophie Blais, Mandy Rickard, Armando Lorenzo, Heather N McCaffrey Di Carlo, Margaret G. Mueller, and Raimund Stein. “Challenges in pediatric urologic practice: a lifelong view.” World J Urol, April 23, 2020.

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Boydston, Kohldon, Russell Terry, Brenton Winship, Leah Davis, Sarah Yttri, Evan Carlos, Charles Scales, Michael Lipkin, and Glenn M. Preminger. “The Impact of Alternative Alkalinizing Agents on 24-Hour Urine Parameters.” In Urology, 2020.

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Simmons, Kirsten, Rohit Tejwani, and Jonathan C. Routh. “Commentary - Renal deterioration in children and adults with spina bifida: Fact, fiction or both?” Journal of Pediatric Urology 16, no. 2 (April 4, 2020): 178–79.

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Wollin, Daniel A., Leah G. Davis, Brenton B. Winship, Evan C. Carlos, Westin R. Tom, John R. Asplin, Andrzej S. Kosinski, et al. “Assessment of conservative dietary management as a method for normalization of 24-h urine pH in stone formers.” Urolithiasis 48, no. 2 (April 2020): 131–36.

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