Fresh Cadaver Flap Dissection Course

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August 2–4, 2024


  • August 1–3, 2025
  • July 31–August 2, 2026
American Society Reconstructive Microsurgery

The 2024 course is endorsed by the American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery.

Course Fees

Residents - $1,500
Attending Physician - $2,000  


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  • Track 1 and 2 = $135.00

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Duke Division of Plastic Surgery
Duke's Human Fresh Tissue Laboratory
Durham, North Carolina

This course has been designed to address the needs of the resident in plastic surgery wishing to learn flap dissection and the established practitioner who wishes to expand their current repertoire of flap surgery. Both Pedicle and Microsurgical flaps will be covered.

This two-day course will allow the participants to familiarize themselves with the full spectrum of skin flaps, including muscle, facial, bone, and perforator-based flaps.

The course will be held at Duke's Human Fresh Tissue Laboratory, using fresh cadavers. Participants will be mentored by internationally renowned faculty, through prosection and participant dissection. Educational materials will also be provided.


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Flap Dissections Covered

Hollenbeck Flap Tissue Dissection


  • Head and Neck: FAMM, Forehead, Temporalis, Temporal Parietal Fascial, Platysmal, Submental
  • Breast: TRAM, DIEP, Superior Gluteal, (S-GAP), Inferior Gluteal (I-GAP), Reubens SIEA
  • Trunk: Vertical Rectus, Deep Circumflex Iliac, External Oblique, Latissimus, Serratus, Parascapular, Trapezius, Deltopectoral, Pectoralis
  • Extremities: Radial Forearm, Lateral Arm, Anterior, Lateral and Medial Thigh,Tensor Fascia Lata, Rectus Femoris, Gracilis, Sural, Saphenous, Intrinsic Hand Flaps, Fibula
  • Foot: Intrinsic Flaps, Toe to Hand Procedures


Erdmann Methodology Course

A hands-on approach will be used with no more than five participants and one faculty per cadaver. All didactics will take place in the Cadaver Lab. A multimedia approach will be used, and we recommend that registrants bring their own scrubs and loops. All other instrumentation will be supplied.

Read the course agenda.