Residents are expected to engage in academic pursuits throughout their residency training. There is a formal academic mentorship program in place to support residents in research design and execution. Opportunities are available to engage in both basic science and clinical research interests. Our residents have an outstanding track record in successful competition for grant funding. 

Research Laboratories

Residents have the opportunity to work in the following laboratories:

Fibrosis and Wound Healing

This laboratory investigates the mechanisms of fibrosis and tissue remodeling and aims to develop a novel small molecule inhibitor to prevent fibrocontractile disease progression. There is a large unmet need for an effective pharmaceutical to prevent fibrosis.

Laboratory for Effectiveness, Quality, Implementation & Policy in Health Care (EQUIP)

EQUIP utilizes epidemiology, research-design principles, biostatistics, and computational data-science methods. Our clinical focus is on health and health care related to pediatric conditions, particularly congenital anomalies that require complex, multidisciplinary care.

Tissue Engineering and Implantable Devices

Research in this laboratory focuses on endothelial cell adhesion to vascular grafts, implantable glucose sensors for diabetics, glaucoma drainage device, and xerogel coating of implants.