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Integrated Plastic Surgery Sub-Internship

Duke Medical Students in the Human Fresh Tissue Lab

Photo: Student assists Dr. Hollenbeck during microsurgery

The Division of Plastic, Maxillofacial, and Oral Surgery at Duke University is pleased to offer a 4-week, highly interactive program for fourth-year medical students interested in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The virtual elective (VE) will consist of a semi-structured format that is designed to work around concurrent medical school rotations. The VE offers an opportunity for active participation and presentation in Division conferences, one-on-one faculty mentoring sessions, and social engagement with residents and faculty. Students will have considerable interaction with division personnel in formal and informal videoconferencing sessions. Four students per month will be accepted into the program from July through October. No course credit is offered for the VE and all clinical content will be de-identified in strict compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Unfortunately, at this time, all spots have been filled for summer/fall 2020, but please contact to be added to our ongoing division virtual conferences.

David Andrew Brown, MD, PhD
Director of Student Clerkships

Colleen McDowell
Clerkship Coordinator