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2020 Resident Spotlight: Muath Bishawi, MD, PhD, MPH

DOn Dr. Bishawi's career plans, "My future career plans involve being an academic surgeon so having a clinical focus on surgical heart failure and adult cardiac surgery, a lab where we can study new therapies or models to answer important questions in cardiothoracic surgery, and the ability to spin out technologies to improve patient care, I think the training I've received at Duke gives me a unique skillset and a chance of being successful."

2020 Resident Spotlight: Tunde Yerokun, MD

On the Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency program's support for residents, Dr. Yerokun says, "Because we are probably one of the larger training programs in cardiothoracic surgery, there are more of us. But I think that is a benefit because we all really do have each other's backs. It makes it a lot easier to cover for someone when either someone has a family event or someone is on maternity or paternity leave, it makes it a lot easier to cover for them since there are so many of us available."

2020 Resident Spotlight: Jessica Hudson, MD

On why Dr. Hudson chose Duke, "It came down to the people. The training will be fantastic, but your co-fellows and faculty are the family that you don't get to choose and you spend more time with them than your own family. In Duke, I found an environment of collegiality, support, and general concern for everybody's wellbeing, which was antithetical to their historic reputation. I found faculty who cared about me as a person and trainee."

2020 Resident Spotlight: Hai Salfity, MD

On the Cardiothoracic Surgery program's support for residents, Dr. Salfity says, "I feel very well supported by not only my colleagues but also the ancillary staff and the attendings here. It doesn't matter what time of night or any time that I have any questions, everybody is available through either cell phone, text, or a simple page. There has never been a time when I felt that I was not supported or not had a question that I could not get answered by anyone here in our department."

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