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2020 Resident Spotlight: Antanina Voit, MD

On the relationship between the Vascular Surgery residents Dr. Voit says, "The relationship between Duke Vascular trainees is extremely close. Currently, we have two residents in the program, and we're recruiting for a candidate this fall. I find that all the trainees, whether the fellows in vascular surgery or the integrated residents, are extremely close. We enjoy hanging out outside of work, and we enjoy being in the OR and learning from each other and taking care of patients every day."

2020 Resident Spotlight: Hope Weissler, MD

On Dr. Weissler's career plans, "I'm interested in being an academic vascular surgeon. The reason why Duke is such a good fit for me is that I know that I'll graduate from here being able to do academics at a really high level with rigorous methodology in a way that makes a difference for my patients and being able to operate in a way that is safe and effective and in the best interest of my patients as well."

Faculty Spotlight: Chandler A. Long, MD

Dr. Long is an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery and Associate Director of the Vascular Surgery Residency and Fellowship Programs. On what Dr. Long enjoys most about Duke, "Duke is known for being a high-powered academic institution, but it's a very intimate setting. It's in a small city, and you get to know your colleagues well. You get to know their families, and you get to interact and collaborate with brilliant people that in larger cities or institutions, you may not necessarily cross paths with."