Duke Surgery offers competitive benefits to our trainees. See highlights below, and for more information about benefits, visit

2021-2022 Duke GME Trainee Stipends

Level Annual Monthly
7 $75,024 $6,252
8 $78,588 $6,549 
9 $80,928  $6,744
10 $83,136 $6,928 
11 $86,016 $7,168 
12 $88,980 $7,415 

These stipends are effective 7/1/2021.

Health Insurance

Health, dental, and vision insurance are available to trainees and their families from the first recognized day of training. For insurance options and costs, visit 

Moonlighting and Wellness

Trainees will have duty hours limited to 80 hours per week or less, averaged over 4 weeks. Outside moonlighting is prohibited during the training period.

Well-being inventory checklist is used quarterly to assess for burnout and fatigue.