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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Gayathri R. Devi, PhD

Associate Director, Research Education
Associate Professor in Surgery
Surgical Sciences

Trainees and Staff

Clockwise: Ulises Nino-Espino presents his abstract for the Duke Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Fellowship (B-SURF), General Surgery Resident Whitney Lane, MD, presents at Duke Surgery's Annual Research Day, the Devi lab walks in the March for Science with Raphael Valdivia, PhD, Vice Dean of Basic Science, and predoctoral trainee Risa Gearhart wins the Basic Science Award at Duke Surgery's Annual Research Day.

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • XuhuiXuhui Bao, MD, PhD 
  • Whitney Lane, MD

Visiting Fellow

  • Yuekun Zhu, MD

Collaborating Fellows

  • Michael Brown, PhD (Duke Neurosurgery)
  • Helen O. Oladapo née Onabanjo, MS, PhD  (NCCU BRITE)

Predoctoral Trainee

  • Risa Gearhart

Medical Students

  • Qimeng Gao (co-mentored with Dr. Kirk)
  • Keith Vandusen (co-mentored with Dr. Brown)

Undergraduate students

  • Samantha Bouchal
  • Ulises Nino-Espino (Duke BSURF student)
  • Jenna McMains (ECU student)
  • Pranalee Patel
  • Moises Tacam Jr

Research and Program Staff

  • Mariana Ribeiro, MS 
  • Holly Hough, PhD 
  • Donna Crabtree, PhD
  • Amanda McMillan (CTSI)
  • Gail Morrah

Faculty Collaborators


Tumor cell signaling and immune response

Novel preclinical models/assays to study tumor emboli, dermal invasion, and lymphatic dissemination


IBC health disparities, biomarkers, clinical, repurposing drugs, chemical screening

Islet biology and Xenotransplantation

Educational Programs