Dr. Gayathri Devi Presents at International Inflammatory Breast Cancer Meeting

Gayathri R. Devi, PhD, Associate Professor in Surgery, Division of Surgical Sciences, was a keynote speaker at the International Inflammatory Breast Cancer Meeting in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Devi is the Program Director for the Duke Consortium for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. The title of her talk was "Multi-Scale Modeling of the Unique Progression of Inflammatory Breast Cancer."

Dr. Devi also served as a moderator of the session “Modeling and Bioinformatics” at this meeting. This 6th international meeting was sponsored by the IBC-International Consortium and was called "New Concepts in the Biology and Management of Aggressive Breast Cancers." Attendees included researchers, clinicians, trainees, and patient advocates from all over the world including USA, Europe, and Africa.