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E.g., 2022-01-18
February 8, 2012

Heart Disease May Be a Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer

In a large analysis of men participating in a prostate drug trial, researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute found a significant correlation between coronary artery disease andprostate cancer, suggesting the two conditions may have shared causes. If confirmed that heart disease is a risk factor for...Read more
August 15, 2011

New Anti-Inflammatory Agents Silence Overactive Immune Response

A new way to fight inflammation uses molecules called polymers to mop up the debris of damaged cells before the immune system becomes abnormally active, researchers at Duke University Medical Center report. The discovery, published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of...Read more
May 15, 2011

Obesity Linked to Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer Progression

Even when treated with hormone therapy to suppress tumor growth, obese men face an elevated risk of their prostate cancer worsening, researchers at Duke University Medical Center have found. The research, reported at the American Urological Association annual meeting on May 15, 2011, advances the...Read more
April 19, 2011

Smoking Fuels Deadliest Form of Kidney Cancer

Here's more bad news for smokers: Puffing cigarettes increases the likelihood of developing the deadliest form of kidney cancer. The finding from Duke University Medical Center researchers offers new insights into the direct role smoking plays in advanced renal cancer, but it also comes with a...Read more