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E.g., 2021-06-13
E.g., 2021-06-13
Newsletter publications
March 23, 2021

Publications in High Impact Factor Journals

Publications in Journals with an Impact Factor of 10.0 or Greater Very low mutation burden is a feature of inflamed recurrent glioblastomas responsive to cancer immunotherapy. Gromeier M, Brown MC, Zhang G, Lin X, Chen Y, Wei Z, Beaubier N, Yan H, He Y, Desjardins A, Herndon JE 2nd, Varn FS,...Read more
Illustration of facial reanimation surgery
March 22, 2021

Bringing Smiles Back: Facial Reanimation Surgery at Duke

Image above: Branches of the impaired facial nerve are reconnected to the masseteric nerve and to cross-facial grafts to restore functionality. Illustration by Lauren Halligan, CMI, Section of Surgical Disciplines. People connect to the world by their facial expressions. The ability to express...Read more
Photo of Dr. Debra Sudan's Master Surgeon Award
March 18, 2021

Dr. Debra Sudan Selected as the 2020 Master Surgeon

Photo above: Dr. Debra Sudan's portrait hangs among the other Duke Surgery Master Surgeons. Photo by Scott Behm, Section of Surgical Disciplines. Dr. Debra L. Sudan, Professor and Chief, Division of Abdominal Transplant Surgery Congratulations to Debra L. Sudan, MD , Professor and Chief, Division...Read more
faculty recognition banner
February 25, 2021

February Faculty Recognition

Dawn E. Bowles, PhD Assistant Professor in Surgery Division of Surgical Sciences Received an award for her research project "Radiation resistance conferred by small proline-rich repeat proteins (SPRRs)" from the NASA Human Research Program. Krista L. Haines, MA, DO Assistant Professor of Surgery...Read more
resident recognition banner
February 25, 2021

February Resident Recognition

Alejandro Murillo Berlioz, MD Integrated Thoracic Surgery Resident Received a Resident Research Fellowship Award from the Thoracic Surgery Foundation for his project "Identification of Protein Biomarkers to Predict Cardiac Allograft Dysfunction After Ex-Vivo Normothermic Perfusion Storage." Brian...Read more
February 5, 2021

Remembering Richard McCann, MD, Professor of Surgery

Richard Lucas McCann, MD, Professor of Surgery, passed away on Friday, February 5. Dr. McCann began his nearly five-decade career at Duke University in the 1970s as an intern under the direction of Dr. David C. Sabiston Jr. During his surgical training at Duke, he spent three years as a...Read more
faculty recognition banner
January 27, 2021

January Faculty Recognition

Georgia M. Beasley, MD, MHS Assistant Professor of Surgery Division of Surgical Oncology Selected to serve as a panelist for a virtual debate hosted by the Society of Surgical Oncology titled "Surveillance and Adjuvant Therapy in Stage IIIA Patients: All In or Less is More?" Dawn Elizabeth Bowles,...Read more
Faculty recognition banner
December 16, 2020

December Faculty Recognition

Dan G. Blazer III, MD Chief, Section of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery Associate Professor of Surgery Division of Surgical Oncology Elected into the Southern Surgical Association. Founded in 1887, the association has dedicated itself to disseminating research and improving surgical techniques,...Read more
November 24, 2020

November Faculty Recognition

Krista L. Haines, MA, DO Assistant Professor of Surgery Division of Trauma, Acute, and Critical Care Surgery Received a major clinical trial award with Paul E. Wischmeyer, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, for "Metabolic Cart-Guided Early Parenteral Nutrition and Structured Nutrition Pathway in...Read more
November 13, 2020

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Sreeja Natesan

Below is a video of Sreeja Natesan, MD , being interviewed about her abstract focusing on feedback and how the tool her team is creating can help them assess the quality of feedback given to the residents. Previous Article Newsletter Home Next ArticleRead more
Kohli_BLM Protest
November 13, 2020

Dr. Harajeshwar Kohli on "Triangle White Coats for Black Lives" Protest

Photo above: Dr. Harajeshwar Kohli with community members at the "Triangle White Coats for Black Lives Matter" Protest On June 6, 2020 the “Triangle White Coats for Black Lives Matter” protest was held in downtown Durham, with several Duke Emergency Medicine members in attendance. While not a Duke-...Read more
November 13, 2020

Duke Emergency Medicine COVID-19 Research Response

Photo above: Scientist performing tests in the laboratory In March 2020, it became apparent that the United States was going to be facing a new pandemic illness with no specific, proven treatments. The novelty of the SARS-CoV-2 virus meant that even the most experienced clinicians could not...Read more
November 13, 2020

Dr. Erin Leiman on Interprofessional Education

Photo above: Faculty providing patient care at Duke's Interprofessional Education Clinic Dr. Erin Leiman is the co-medical director for Duke’s Interprofessional Education (IPE) Clinic and the assistant director representing the MD program for the Duke Health Center for Interprofessional Education...Read more
November 13, 2020

Clinical Research Studies Continue in Duke Emergency Medicine

Photo above: Group picture of the Influence of Cooling Duration on Efficacy in Cardiac Arrest Patients (ICECAP) meeting As the summer wore on, the Duke University School of Medicine cautiously started reopening clinical research studies following its shutdown due to the pandemic. After installing...Read more
November 13, 2020

Emergency Medicine Receives Grant to Research New Pain Treatment

Photo above: Graphic of the NIH Heal Initiative As part of the National Institutes of Health's Helping to End Addiction Long-term Initiative (NIH HEAL Initiative), Duke Emergency Medicine received a U24 grant to conduct clinical research to find new non-addictive treatments for pain. Overall, the...Read more