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E.g., 2021-12-04
November 18, 2021

November '21 Faculty Recognition

Gayle DiLalla, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Division of Surgical Oncology Selected to be the new Chair of the Membership Committee for the Association of Women Surgeons. Stuart Knechtle, MD Professor of Surgery Division of Abdominal Transplant Surgery Awarded a seven-year NIH CTOT 42 grant...Read more
October 7, 2021

Surgery Research Grant Activity and Awarded Clinical Trials

Abdominal Transplant Surgery Andrew S. Barbas, MD "The Delivery of AAV Vector to Liver Allograft using Machine Perfusion System" American Society of Transplant Surgeons "Gene therapy of discarded human kidney grafts during 48 hours ex-vivo machine perfusion" Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc. "Next...Read more
October 6, 2021

Publications in High Impact Factor Journals

The following publications were co-authored by faculty, residents, or affiliates of the Section of Surgical Disciplines, and were published between March 1, 2021 and mid-September 2021 in peer-reviewed journals with impact factors of 15 or higher. The names of Duke faculty, residents, or affiliates...Read more
Group of Sunset Village residents creating the cards for Duke Surgery faculty
October 6, 2021

Community Gives Back

Photo above: Group of Sunset Village residents creating cards for healthcare professionals. Volunteers often dedicate their time and skills to brightening the days of others with no expectation of a return, but sometimes the communities they serve decide to give back. This is the case with the...Read more
Dr. Richard McCann
October 6, 2021

The Richard McCann, MD Surgery Fund

Richard L. McCann, MD, came to the Duke University School of Medicine in 1974 under the direction of David C. Sabiston Jr., MD, Chair of the Department of Surgery. Dr. Sabiston identified Dr. McCann as a talented young surgeon, and after the completion of his surgical residency, hired him as an...Read more
October 6, 2021

Faculty Recognition

Faculty Promotions Georgia Beasley, MD, MHS Division of Surgical Oncology Associate Professor of Surgery Zachary Hartman, PhD Division of Surgical Sciences Associate Professor of Surgery Brant Inman, MD, MS Division of Urology Professor of Surgery Jacob Klapper, MD Division of Cardiovascular and...Read more
Duke graduates Dominic Tanzillo and Nick Saba
September 27, 2021

Staying Healthy in Space

Let’s say you’re on a weekend trip to outer space when you suddenly experience stabbing pains in your abdomen. What would you do? Or what if you were on a three-year trip to Mars and developed a throat ulcer that wouldn’t heal? What if a decaying tooth started throbbing? What if you broke a bone?...Read more
Entrance view of Duke Eye Center
September 27, 2021

Duke Eye Stroke Clinic Now Open

Photo above: Entrance view of the Duke Eye Center. Duke now offers a dedicated outpatient clinic focused on follow-up care for eye stroke, a rare but serious condition that causes permanent vision loss and devastating quality of life changes. Patients with eye stroke, also known as central retinal...Read more
September 27, 2021

Leaders of Duke Emergency Medicine

Photo above: Drs. Theiling and Siewny reviewing Emergency Medicine's workspace layout. In addition to individual clinicians caring for patients at the bedside, it takes outstanding operational leadership to provide the best emergency medical care in the world. Duke Emergency Medicine's operational...Read more
September 27, 2021

Duke Emergency Medicine Joins EPPIC-Net

Prior to the COVID pandemic, there was a nationwide epidemic with opioid use disorder. Treating pain is a common challenge across almost all disease states, and opioids can be helpful medications. However, their misuse has become a prevalent problem leading to addiction and overdose deaths around...Read more
September 27, 2021

Duke Global Health Institute Receives D43 Grant for Research in Tanzania

Photo above: Front entrance to the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre. Every year, nearly 5 million people die from injuries and hundreds of millions more sustain non-fatal injuries that require medical attention globally. Concerningly, low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), account for 90% of...Read more
Duke researcher observes research test
September 27, 2021

Newly Identified Antibody Can Be Targeted by HIV Vaccines

A newly identified group of antibodies that binds to a coating of sugars on the outer shell of HIV is effective in neutralizing the virus and points to a novel vaccine approach that could also potentially be used against SARS-CoV-2 and fungal pathogens, researchers at the Duke Human Vaccine...Read more