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Allan Douglas Kirk, MD, PhD

David C. Sabiston, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Surgery
Chair, Department of Surgery
Professor of Surgery
Professor in Pediatrics
Professor in the Department of Immunology
Campus Mail: DUMC 3704, Durham, NC 27710

I am a surgeon with interest in immune management of transplant recipients. I am particularly interested in therapies that influence T cell costimulation pathways and adjuvant therapies that facilitate costimulation blockade to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs without undue suppression of protective immunity. I am also interested in understanding how injury, such as that occurring during trauma or in elective surgery, influences immune responses and subsequent healing following injury.

Costimulation Blockade in Organ Transplantion

Allan D. Kirk, MD, PhD, Department of Surgery Chairman
David C. Sabiston, Jr. Professor of Surgery

Education and Training

  • Fellow, Multi Organ Transplantation, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1995 - 1997
  • Chief Resident, Surgery, Duke University, 1994 - 1995
  • Senior Resident, Surgery, Duke University, 1992 - 1994
  • Research Fellow, Surgery, Duke University, 1989 - 1992
  • Intern & Junior Resident, Surgery, Duke University, 1987 - 1989
  • Ph.D., Duke University, 1992
  • M.D., Duke University School of Medicine, 1987
  • B.S., Old Dominion University, 1983

Selected Grants


Lowe, M. C., I. R. Badell, A. P. Turner, P. W. Thompson, F. V. Leopardi, E. A. Strobert, C. P. Larsen, and A. D. Kirk. “Belatacept and sirolimus prolong nonhuman primate islet allograft survival: adverse consequences of concomitant alefacept therapy.” Am J Transplant 13, no. 2 (February 2013): 312–19.

Full Text

Lo, D. J., D. J. Anderson, T. A. Weaver, F. Leopardi, M. Song, A. B. Farris, E. A. Strobert, et al. “Belatacept and sirolimus prolong nonhuman primate renal allograft survival without a requirement for memory T cell depletion.” Am J Transplant 13, no. 2 (February 2013): 320–28.

Full Text

Beus, Jonathan M., Salila S. Hashmi, Saranya A. Selvaraj, Danxia Duan, Linda L. Stempora, Stephanie A. Monday, Jennifer A. Cheeseman, et al. “Heterologous immunity triggered by a single, latent virus in Mus musculus: combined costimulation- and adhesion- blockade decrease rejection.” Plos One 8, no. 8 (2013): e71221.

Full Text

Velazquez, Victoria M., Huiming Hon, Chris Ibegbu, Stuart J. Knechtle, Allan D. Kirk, and Arash Grakoui. “Hepatic enrichment and activation of myeloid dendritic cells during chronic hepatitis C virus infection.” Hepatology 56, no. 6 (December 2012): 2071–81.

Full Text

Sam, Wai-Johnn, Christine E. Chamberlain, Su-Jun Lee, Joyce A. Goldstein, Douglas A. Hale, Roslyn B. Mannon, Allan D. Kirk, and Yuen Yi Hon. “Associations of ABCB1 and IL-10 genetic polymorphisms with sirolimus-induced dyslipidemia in renal transplant recipients.” Transplantation 94, no. 9 (November 15, 2012): 971–77.

Full Text

Charafeddine, A. H., E. J. Kim, D. M. Maynard, H. Yi, T. A. Weaver, M. Gunay-Aygun, M. Russell, W. A. Gahl, and A. D. Kirk. “Platelet-derived CD154: ultrastructural localization and clinical correlation in organ transplantation.” Am J Transplant 12, no. 11 (November 2012): 3143–51.

Full Text

Gupta, Nitika A., Vasantha L. Kolachala, Rong Jiang, Carlos Abramowsky, Rene Romero, Nimita Fifadara, Frank Anania, Stuart Knechtle, and Allan Kirk. “The glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist Exendin 4 has a protective role in ischemic injury of lean and steatotic liver by inhibiting cell death and stimulating lipolysis.” Am J Pathol 181, no. 5 (November 2012): 1693–1701.

Full Text

Kwun, J., B. C. Oh, A. C. Gibby, R. Ruhil, V. T. Lu, D. W. Kim, E. K. Page, et al. “Patterns of de novo allo B cells and antibody formation in chronic cardiac allograft rejection after alemtuzumab treatment.” Am J Transplant 12, no. 10 (October 2012): 2641–51.

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