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Vignesh Raman, MD

House Staff
Start Year: 
University of California San Diego
Medical School: 
Dartmouth Medical School

Clinical and Research Interests

  • Thoracic oncology
  • Lung transplantation
  • Cardiothoracic critical care

Honors and Awards

  • Thoracic Surgery Foundation (TSF) Resident Research Award 2019
  • Rajagopal Resident Research Award 2019


Raman, Vignesh, Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang, John Z. Deng, and Thomas A. D’Amico. “Surgical treatment for early stage non-small cell lung cancer.” J Thorac Dis 10, no. Suppl 7 (April 2018): S898–904.

Full Text

Raman, Vignesh, Karen L. Moodie, Obinna O. Ofoche, Larry R. Kaiser, and Cherie P. Erkmen. “Endoscopy after esophagectomy: Safety demonstrated in a porcine model.” The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 154, no. 3 (September 2017): 1152–58.

Full Text

Raman, Vignesh, Caitlyn E. MacGlaflin, Karen L. Moodie, Larry R. Kaiser, and Cherie P. Erkmen. “Warming barium sulfate improves esophageal leak detection in pig model.” Journal of Surgical Research 199, no. 2 (December 2015): 657–63.

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Erkmen, Cherie P., Richard J. Barth, and Vignesh Raman. “Case report: Successful treatment of recurrent chordoma and bilateral pulmonary metastases following an 11-year disease-free period.” International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 5, no. 7 (2014): 424–27.

Full Text

Erkmen, Cherie P., Vignesh Raman, Neil D. Ghushe, and Thadeus L. Trus. “Laparoscopic Repair of Hiatal Hernia After Esophagectomy.” Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery 17, no. 8 (August 2013): 1370–74.

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Lai, J., C. H. Koh, M. Tjota, L. Pieuchot, V. Raman, K. B. Chandrababu, D. Yang, L. Wong, and G. Jedd. “Intrinsically disordered proteins aggregate at fungal cell-to-cell channels and regulate intercellular connectivity.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109, no. 39 (September 25, 2012): 15781–86.

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