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Thomas Anthony D'Amico, MD

Gary Hock Distinguished Professor of Surgery
Director, Integrated Thoracic Surgery Residency Program and Joint General Surgery and Thoracic Surgery Residency Program
Director, Advanced Training in Cardiothoracic Surgery
Professor of Surgery
Office: Duke South - 3589 White Zone, Durham, NC 27710
Campus Mail: DUMC Box 3496 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710

Lung Cancer

1.Role of molecular markers in the prognosis and therapy of lung cancer
2.Genomic analysis lung cancer mutations

Esophageal Cancer

1.Role of molecular markers in the prognosis and therapy of esophageal cancer
2.Genomic analysis esophageal cancer mutations

Education and Training

  • M.D., Columbia University, 1987


Daniels, Larkin J., Stafford S. Balderson, Mark W. Onaitis, and Thomas A. D’Amico. “Thoracoscopic lobectomy: a safe and effective strategy for patients with stage I lung cancer.” Ann Thorac Surg 74, no. 3 (September 2002): 860–64.

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D’Amico, Thomas A., Terence Z. Wong, David H. Harpole, Stephen D. Brown, and R Edward Coleman. “Impact of computed tomography-positron emission tomography fusion in staging patients with thoracic malignancies.” Ann Thorac Surg 74, no. 1 (July 2002): 160–63.

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Gaca, J. G., D. H. Harpole, T. A. D’Amico, T. Pappas, H. F. Seigler, W. G. Wolfe, and S. Tyler. “Pathologic nodal status predicts disease-free survival after neoadjuvant chemoradiation for gastroesophageal junction carcinoma.” In Gastroenterology, 123:1–2. W B SAUNDERS CO, 2002.


Swaminathan, Madhav, Brian J. McCreath, Barbara G. Phillips-Bute, Mark F. Newman, Joseph P. Mathew, Peter K. Smith, James A. Blumenthal, Mark Stafford-Smith, and Mark Perioperative Outcomes Research Group. “Serum creatinine patterns in coronary bypass surgery patients with and without postoperative cognitive dysfunction.” Anesth Analg, July 2002.

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Lau, Christine L., Mary-Beth H. Moore, Kelly R. Brooks, Thomas A. D’Amico, and David H. Harpole. “Molecular staging of lung and esophageal cancer.” Surg Clin North Am 82, no. 3 (June 2002): 497–523.

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Grigore, Alina M., Hilary P. Grocott, Joseph P. Mathew, Barbara Phillips-Bute, Timothy O. Stanley, Aimee Butler, Kevin P. Landolfo, et al. “The rewarming rate and increased peak temperature alter neurocognitive outcome after cardiac surgery.” Anesth Analg, January 2002.

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Markert, M. L., A. P. Alvarez-McLeod, G. D. Sempowski, L. P. Hale, J. M. Horvatinovich, K. J. Weinhold, J. A. Bartlett, T. A. D’Amico, and B. F. Haynes. “Thymopoiesis in HIV-infected adults after highly active antiretroviral therapy.” Aids Res Hum Retroviruses 17, no. 17 (November 20, 2001): 1635–43.

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D’Amico, T. A., T. A. Aloia, M. B. Moore, D. H. Conlon, J. E. Herndon, M. S. Kinch, and D. H. Harpole. “Predicting the sites of metastases from lung cancer using molecular biologic markers.” Ann Thorac Surg 72, no. 4 (October 2001): 1144–48.

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Aloia, T. A., D. H. Harpole, C. E. Reed, C. Allegra, M. B. Moore, J. E. Herndon, and T. A. D’Amico. “Tumor marker expression is predictive of survival in patients with esophageal cancer.” Ann Thorac Surg 72, no. 3 (September 2001): 859–66.

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