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Konstantinos Economopoulos, MD, PhD

House Staff
Start Year: 
University of Athens, School of Medicine
Medical School: 
University of Athens School of Medicine

Clinical and Research Interests

  • Clinical: Bariatric surgery, endocrine surgery, and thoracic surgery
  • Research: Biodesign and surgical innovation

What were you looking for in a residency program?

  • Track record of academic achievements and high clinical volume

What are the strengths of the Duke program?

Duke has the culture, energy, clinical volume, and research opportunities to shape an all-around training experience for the general surgery resident who aspires to become a future leader in Surgery.

What advice do you have for incoming interns?

If you are looking for a place to work hard and push yourself above and beyond your limits then consider Duke Surgery for your training. 

What do you like best about living in Durham and the Triangle?

Durham is one of the few places in the Unites States where a top-notch academic institution is actually located in an area with amazing weather that you can afford to live in and raise a family while you are in-training. The Triangle offers a surprisingly number of opportunities for outdoor activities and entertainment for kids and adults.

What do you like to do outside of Duke?

I like to play with my kids, watch movies, and run outdoors.

Honors and Awards

  • Poster of Merit Award from the Office of Research Career Development at Massachusetts General Hospital (05/2013)
  • Distinction in scholarship award from the American Physiological Society (06/2014)
  • American Thyroid Association Trainees' Grant (07/2014)


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Full Text

Ziogas, Ioannis A., Dimitrios Giannis, Stepan M. Esagian, Konstantinos P. Economopoulos, Samer Tohme, and David A. Geller. “Laparoscopic versus robotic major hepatectomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.” Surgical Endoscopy, September 28, 2020.

Full Text

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Full Text

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Full Text

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Full Text

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Full Text

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Full Text

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Full Text

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Full Text

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