The fellowship is based at four clinical training sites: Duke University Hospital, The Durham VA Medical Center, Duke Regional Hospital, and Duke Ambulatory Surgery Center.

  • Duke University Hospital is a large tertiary referral center and a level 1 trauma center. The Vascular Surgery service at the University Hospital is a high-volume practice with a large number and variety of complex cases including many major open arterial reconstructions, challenging limb salvage cases, and more esoteric disease processes like thoracic outlet syndrome and arteriovenous malformations.
  • The Durham VA Medical Center is completely integrated into the Duke vascular practice and offers fellows the opportunity to more independently manage the broad array of advanced atherosclerotic vascular disease that is typical in the VA patient population. The VA rotation has a large volume of traditional open vascular procedures that are increasingly rare in the endovascular era.
  • Duke Regional Hospital is a community hospital with a large number of complex dialysis patients as well as more routine limb salvage and cerebrovascular cases.
  • The Duke Ambulatory Surgery Center offers an intensive experience with outpatient venous procedures and venous pathology that is key to a successful modern vascular surgery practice.