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Courses and Meetings

Regularly scheduled conferences of the Breast Oncology group includes both clinical and research meetings and are presented below. The fellow’s attendance at the following meetings will be mandatory and will be aimed towards training in a multidisciplinary integrated evidence-based approach to the practice of Breast Surgical Oncology:

  • Breast Surgery Fellow Didactic Lecture Series (monthly)
  • Multidisciplinary tumor board (weekly)
  • New patient review (weekly)
  • Hereditary Cancer/Genetics meeting (weekly)
  • Research Protocols and Clinical Trials (monthly)
  • Breast Surgical Outcomes meeting (monthly)

The Breast Surgery fellow will be granted travel to one national conference during the fellowship year to be selected from the meetings below. Goals of the meeting will be to encourage networking, explore new collaborations, and provide career opportunities. The fellow will attend the meeting in conjunction with one of the Duke Breast Surgery faculty who will provide mentorship.