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Duke Surgical Education Research Group to Present at Surgical Education Week

Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The Duke Surgical Education Research Group (SERG) will be well represented at Surgical Education Week, a combined meeting of the Association of Program Directors in Surgery and the Association of Surgical Educators. At this year’s meeting in May, Duke SERG is running a 50-minute workshop in addition to four podium presentations and two moderated posters, representing an amazing effort on behalf of Duke Surgery’s residents and medical students.

Duke SERG Presentations at Surgical Education Week

  • Surgical Technique and Review (STAR): How to Develop and Implement a Resident-Run Surgical Preparatory Course for Third- and Fourth-Year Medical Students
    50-Minute Workshop: Cox, Gilmore, Rucker, and Leraas
  • Documenting or Operating Room: Where is Time Spent in General Surgery Residency?
    Podium Presentation: Cox, Farhat, Goldstein, Sprinkle, and D. Turner
  • The Omni: A Multimodality, Objective, and Longitudinal Surgical Skills Assessment
    Podium Presentation: Cox, Risucci, Gilmore, Nag, M. Turner, and Sprinkle
  • A Dedicated Resident Teaching Scholar Improves Surgical Clerkship Experience for Medical Students
    Podium Presentation: Leraas, Cox, Gilmore, Nag, Ong, M. Turner, Ezekian, and Freischlag
  • Medical Student Involvement and Learning Objectives in Morbidity and Mortality Conferences: A National Survey of the Association for Surgical Education’s Academy of Clerkship Directors
    Podium Presentation: Leraas, Cox, Rhodin, Freischlag, Gilmore, and Chang
  • General Surgery Residents Favor Implementation of an Endovascular Surgery Curriculum
    Moderated Poster: Kemeny, Cox, Nag, Gilmore, Leraas, Henry, and Southerland
  • A Novel Objective Assessment of Technique: Quantifying Tension Applied to Tissue in Surgical Knot Tying
    Moderated Poster: Nag, Cox, Mulvihill, Gunasingha, Bhatia, Hutchins, Sprinkle, and Glisson

About Duke SERG

With support from the Department of Surgery, Duke SERG was cofounded in 2015 by Dr. John Migaly, Program Director, and Dr. Shanna Sprinkle, General Surgery Resident. Duke SERG offers Duke Surgery residents and Duke medical students a unique opportunity to collaborate on ongoing research projects aimed at enhancing surgical knowledge, curriculums, technical skills, and behavior. The group has obtained three separate grants, presented at national meetings, developed an iPhone application, and written several manuscripts currently in review.