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Duke Emergency Medicine Team Selected as Finalist for GE/Emergency Medicine Foundation Challenge

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
3D Ultrasound for traumatic shock

A team from the Division of Emergency Medicine has been selected as one of four finalists for the GE/Emergency Medicine Foundation Challenge for their work in 3D ultrasound (US) of traumatic shock.

The team developed a novel, low-cost, universally adaptable device that allows the conversion of any standard US machine to produce 3D images similar to a CT scan. Their device provides the more comprehensive volumetric imaging and operator independence of CT while preserving the advantages of ultrasound: speed, low cost, no radiation, and point-of-care imaging.

The team receiving the most votes through the GE/EMF website will win an additional $150,000 in research funding. 

View the proposal from Duke Emergency Medicine and cast your vote!

View the proposal from Duke Emergency Medicine and cast your vote!

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