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Duke Emergency Medicine Joins National Network to Advance Emergency Care

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Duke Emergency Medicine will participate in a new clinical trials network led by investigators at Oregon Health & Science University. The Strategies to Innovate Emergency Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN) will evaluate new healthcare interventions in randomized controlled trials in emergency departments across the United States. Duke University Hospital serves as one of the sites in the Oregon Hub.

With funding from the National Institutes of Health, the 5-year award provides subcontracts to 11 Hubs in the U.S., which will each receive $160,000 in the first year, followed by $98,000 in each of the next 4 years. The network aims to improve clinical outcomes for patients with neurologic, cardiac, respiratory, hematologic, and traumatic emergencies. Each trial run through the network will provide additional funding to conduct the study.

Dr. Alexander Limkakeng, Associate Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, will lead the Acute Care Research Team and faculty in the conduct of these studies in the emergency department at Duke in conjunction with numerous specialists from across the Health System. The proposed trials will evaluate the efficacy of clinical interventions for emergency cardiac and neurologic diseases as well as for traumatic injuries.

Other institutions in the Hub include the University of Alabama Medical Center, the University of Wisconsin Medical Center, the University of Utah Medical Center, Ohio State University Medical Center, Wake Forest Baptist Health, the University of Rochester Medical Center, and Kaweah Delta Health Care.

“New research hub focuses on emergency care”

Oregon Health & Science University

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