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Dr. Alexander Limkakeng Interviewed on ACEP’s “Frontline” Podcast

Thursday, January 17, 2019
Alexander Limkakeng Jr., MD, MHS, Division of Emergency Medicine

Alexander Limkakeng Jr., MD, MHS, Division of Emergency Medicine, was recently interviewed for the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)’s “Frontline” podcast hosted by Dr. Ryan Stanton. Dr. Limkakeng and Dr. Stanton discussed the following research trends in emergency medicine:

  • Integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into emergency care
  • Developing EHR-driven algorithms to improve hospital flow
  • Leveraging big data to predict patient outcomes in the emergency department (ED)
  • Using social media to enhance academic collaboration

Dr. Limkakeng believes data science will revolutionize the way physicians care for patients in the ED. “Because of advances in data science, the people who do this kind of computer work are able to take all kinds of numbers of variables and really analyze them in full depth to come up with a way to predict what’s going to happen to patients,” says Dr. Limkakeng.

“And so people are doing that with very basic stuff, like triage even, and just mining all this data that exists in every one of our EMRs to create an algorithm that might predict sepsis, a bad outcome from sepsis, or admission from triage. Those are the kinds of papers that are now being presented at the ACEP18 Research Forum.”

Research Evolution with Alexander Limkakeng, MD, FACEP

ACEP Frontline Podcast

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