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Thomas James Polascik, MD

Director, Urologic Oncology Fellowship
Professor of Surgery
Office: Room 1080 Yellow Zone, Duke South DUMC, Durham, NC 27710
Campus Mail: DUMC Box 2804 Med Ctr, DUMC, Durham, NC 27710

Prostate cancer imaging
Focal therapy of prostate cancer
Prostate cancer outcomes
Kidney cancer outcomes
Minimally invasive surgery
Nerve sparing cryotherapy

Education and Training

  • Fellowship, Urologic Oncology, Johns Hopkins University, 1997 - 1998
  • Assistant Chief of Service, Urology, Johns Hopkins University, 1997 - 1997
  • Chief Resident, Urology, Johns Hopkins University, 1996 - 1997
  • Resident, Urology, Johns Hopkins University, 1993 - 1996
  • Assistant Resident in General Surgery, Surgery, Johns Hopkins University, 1992 - 1993
  • Intern in General Surgery, Surgery, Johns Hopkins University, 1991 - 1992
  • M.D., University of Chicago, 1991

In the News


Tan, Wei Phin, and Thomas J. Polascik. “Re: Association of Black Race with Prostate Cancer-specific and Other-cause Mortality Dess RT, Hartman HE, Mahal BA, et al JAMA Oncol 2019;5:975-83..” Eur Urol 77, no. 1 (January 2020): 129–30.

Full Text

Gross, Michael D., Art Sedrakyan, Fernando J. Bianco, Peter R. Carroll, Timothy J. Daskivich, Scott E. Eggener, Behfar Ehdaie, et al. “SPARED Collaboration: Patient Selection for Partial Gland Ablation in Men with Localized Prostate Cancer..” J Urol 202, no. 5 (November 2019): 952–58.

Full Text

Polascik, Thomas J., and Hazem Orabi. “Considerations of germline testing in prostate cancer screening..” Can J Urol 26, no. 5S2 (October 2019): 46–47.


Luijtelaar, A. van, B. M. Greenwood, H. U. Ahmed, A. B. Barqawi, E. Barret, J. G. R. Bomers, M. A. Brausi, et al. “Focal laser ablation as clinical treatment of prostate cancer: report from a Delphi consensus project..” World J Urol 37, no. 10 (October 2019): 2147–53.

Full Text

Tay, Kae Jack, Thomas J. Polascik, Lauren E. Howard, Joseph K. Salama, Ariel A. Schulman, Zinan Chen, Christopher L. Amling, et al. “Salvage Radiotherapy for Recurrent Prostate Cancer: Can the Prognostic Grade Group System Inform Treatment Timing?.” Clin Genitourin Cancer 17, no. 5 (October 2019): e930–38.

Full Text

Aminsharifi, Alireza, and Thomas J. Polascik. “Diagnosis and Management of Local Recurrence After Prostate Focal Therapy: Challenges and Solutions..” Eur Urol Oncol 2, no. 5 (September 2019): 539–40.

Full Text

Aminsharifi, Alireza, Ross Simon, Thomas J. Polascik, Cary N. Robertson, Debra L. Sudan, Bradley H. Collins, and Judd W. Moul. “Evaluation and Active Treatment versus Active Surveillance of Localized Prostate Cancer in Renal Transplant Patients in the Era of Low and Very Low Risk Prostate Cancer..” J Urol 202, no. 3 (September 2019): 469–74.

Full Text

Aminsharifi, Alireza, Ariel Schulman, Lauren E. Howard, Kae Jack Tay, Christopher L. Amling, William J. Aronson, Matthew R. Cooperberg, et al. “Influence of African American race on the association between preoperative biopsy grade group and adverse histopathologic features of radical prostatectomy..” Cancer 125, no. 17 (September 1, 2019): 3025–32.

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