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Joseph Steven Fernandez-Moure, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Office: DUMC 2837, Durham, NC 27710
Campus Mail: DUMC DUMC 2837, Durham, NC 27710

Education and Training

  • Trauma and Surgical Critical Care Fellow, Surgery, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, 2017 - 2019
  • General Surgery Resident, Surgery, Cornell University, Weill Medical College, 2009 - 2017
  • M.S., University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, 2011
  • M.D., University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Medical School, 2009
  • B.A., Middlebury College, 2003


Fernandez-Moure, Joseph Steven, Jeffrey Van Eps, Bradley K. Weiner, Pranela Rameshwar, Ennio Tasciotti, and Barbara L. Bass. “Not all stem cells are created equal: a comparative analysis of osteogenic potential in compact bone and adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells.” In Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 217:S99–S99. Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2013.

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Fine, Daniel, Alessandro Grattoni, Randy Goodall, Shyam S. Bansal, Ciro Chiappini, Sharath Hosali, Anne L. van de Ven, et al. “Silicon micro- and nanofabrication for medicine.” Adv Healthc Mater 2, no. 5 (May 2013): 632–66.

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Grattoni, Alessandro, Ennio Tasciotti, Daniel Fine, Joseph S. Fernandez-Moure, Jason Sakamoto, Ye Hu, Bradley Weiner, Mauro Ferrari, and Scott Parazynski. “Nanotechnologies and regenerative medical approaches for space and terrestrial medicine.” Aviat Space Environ Med 83, no. 11 (November 2012): 1025–36.

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Weiner, Bradley Kenneth, and Joseph Fernandez-Moure. “Caudal epidural steroid injections no better than saline epidurals or sham injections for the treatment of chronic lumbar radiculopathy.” Evid Based Med 17, no. 4 (August 2012): 110–11.

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Fernandez-Moure, Joseph S., Daynene Vykoukal, and Mark G. Davies. “Biology of aortic aneurysms and dissections.” Methodist Debakey Cardiovasc J 7, no. 3 (July 2011): 2–7.

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Singh, Arun S., Andrew Caplan, Kelly E. Corcoran, Joseph S. Fernandez, Michael Preziosi, and Pranela Rameshwar. “Oncogenic and metastatic properties of preprotachykinin-I and neurokinin-1 genes.” Vascul Pharmacol 45, no. 4 (October 2006): 235–42.

Full Text

Fernandez-Moure, Joseph, Jeremy Cannon, and Lewis Kaplan. “Cardiovascular Failure.” In Clinical Scenarios in Surgery, edited by Lillian Kao, Christopher Sonnenday, Gilbert Upchurch, Jr, and Justin Dimick, n.d.