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Debra L Sudan, MD

Chief, Division of Abdominal Transplant Surgery
Professor of Surgery
Professor in Pediatrics
Office: 223 Hanes House, Durham, NC 27710
Campus Mail: DUMC Box 3512 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710

Education and Training

  • M.D., Wright State University, 1994

Selected Grants


Horres, Charles R., Mohamed A. Adam, Zhifei Sun, Julie K. Thacker, Timothy J. Miller, Stuart A. Grant, Jeffrey Huang, et al. “Proceedings of the American Society for Enhanced Recovery/Evidence Based Peri-Operative Medicine 2016 Annual Congress of Enhanced Recovery and Perioperative Medicine: Washington, D.C., USA, 20–22 April 2016.” Perioperative Medicine 5, no. Suppl 1 (January 2016).

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Strigo, Tara S., Patti L. Ephraim, Iris Pounds, Felicia Hill-Briggs, Linda Darrell, Matthew Ellis, Debra Sudan, et al. “The TALKS study to improve communication, logistical, and financial barriers to live donor kidney transplantation in African Americans: protocol of a randomized clinical trial.” Bmc Nephrol 16 (October 9, 2015): 160.

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Khan, Faraz A., Robert H. Squires, Heather J. Litman, Jane Balint, Beth A. Carter, Jeremy G. Fisher, Simon P. Horslen, et al. “Predictors of Enteral Autonomy in Children with Intestinal Failure: A Multicenter Cohort Study.” J Pediatr 167, no. 1 (July 2015): 29-34.e1.

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Kotloff, Robert M., Sandralee Blosser, Gerard J. Fulda, Darren Malinoski, Vivek N. Ahya, Luis Angel, Matthew C. Byrnes, et al. “Management of the Potential Organ Donor in the ICU: Society of Critical Care Medicine/American College of Chest Physicians/Association of Organ Procurement Organizations Consensus Statement.” Crit Care Med 43, no. 6 (June 2015): 1291–1325.

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Englum, Brian R., Matthew A. Schechter, William D. Irish, Kadiyala V. Ravindra, Deepak S. Vikraman, Scott L. Sanoff, Matthew J. Ellis, Debra L. Sudan, and Uptal D. Patel. “Outcomes in kidney transplant recipients from older living donors.” Transplantation 99, no. 2 (February 2015): 309–15.

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Sudan, Debra L. “Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplantation: Amazing!.” In American Journal of Transplantation, 15:44–45. WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2015.


Squires, Robert H., Jane Balint, Simon Horslen, Paul W. Wales, Jason Soden, Christopher Duggan, Ruosha Li, Steven H. Belle, and Steven H. Pediatric Intestinal Failure Consortium. “Race affects outcome among infants with intestinal failure.” J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 59, no. 4 (October 2014): 537–43.

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