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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Group photo of lab members in the Innate and Adaptive Cellular Cytotoxicity Laboratory
  • Guido Ferrari, M.D., Associate Professor, PI, Director
  • Justin Pollara, PhD, Assistant Professor, Co-PI, Co-Director
  • Sherry Stanfield-Oakley, BS, ADCC Laboratory Manager
  • Joy Pickeral, BS, Analyst II
  • Mark Berrong, BS, Analyst II
  • Jeremy Fitzpatrick, BS, Analyst I
  • Whitney Edwards, BS, Analyst I
  • Charles Beck, BS, Analyst I
  • Melissa Zinter, BS, Technician II
  • Kelsey Hall, BS, Technician II
  • Tori Huffman, BS, Technician II
  • Katelyn Faircloth, BS, Technician II
  • Melissa Kerkau, MS, Program Manager