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Principal Investigator
Adjunct Professor in the Department of Surgery
Core Faculty in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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Office: 481 Med Sci Res Bldg, Durham, NC 27710

Campus Mail: Box 2622 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710

Phone: 919-681-6432

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The Vascular Surgery Research Laboratory is directed by Jeffrey Lawson, MD, PhD, and is actively pursuing basic, translational, and clinical research activities related to the fields of blood coagulation, vascular biology, and vascular surgery. The laboratory has become a leader in the field of vascular translational research and has successfully developed a number of molecular, cellular, and tissue engineered technologies through translational animal studies to first-in-man clinical trials.

  • Preclinical and clinical evaluation of human tissue engineered blood vessels
  • Venous remodeling after arterial bypass and vascular access creation
  • Human blood coagulation response to trauma and elective surgery 

Selected Achievements

The laboratory has been involved in the development, preclinical testing, and first-in-man placement of human tissue engineered blood vessels, which has led to publications in Science and Translational Medicine and the Lancet. Members of the lab have published over 100 papers on the topics of blood coagulation, immunology, vascular remodeling, and vascular access.

Advanced Training

We welcome trainees at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate students, medical students, post-doctoral fellows. and surgical trainees.

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James Otto, PhD

Jeffrey H. Lawson, MD, PhD

Publications and Funded Projects

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Lab Members

Faculty Members

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dr. Roberto Manson, M.D. (Co-I)

Dr. James Otto, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist)