Duke Surgical Center for Outcomes Research Core Faculty Members are regular rank Duke University faculty who are actively contributing to the various research and educational activities of the Center.

Criteria for appointment as Duke SCORES Core Faculty:

  • Regular rank faculty appointment at Duke University
  • Demonstrated interest in Health Services Research pertinent to surgical care
  • Demonstrated contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion internal or external to the Duke community
  • Participation in Duke SCORES seminars, conferences, or community activities
  • Advocacy for Duke SCORES around and outside Duke
  • Active contribution (defined below) to the success of Duke SCORES through participation in research, education, or other initiatives

Expectations for Duke SCORES Core Faculty:

The specific expectations Duke SCORES has of its Core Faculty will depend on its relationship with each faculty member. One or more of the activities listed below are examples of what could be considered “active contribution”. This list is not considered to be exhaustive.

  • Leading a funded research project within Duke SCORES (Principal Investigator or Key Co-Investigator)
  • Developing or leading a Duke-SCORES educational program or research seminar.
  • Representing Duke SCORES at conferences and workshops
  • Participating in faculty and student recruitment and mentorship efforts
  • Identifying opportunities for collaborations with SCORES faculty and staff on non-SCORES projects
  • Continued contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion through research, education, mentoring, or other activities. 

Benefits available for Duke SCORES Core Faculty:

  • Access to Duke SCORES touchdown space
  • Duke SCORES communication support
  • Duke SCORES grant review and feedback support
  • Priority access to departmental analytic resources
  • Access to Marketscan data and analyst support

Applications for Duke SCORES Core Faculty status will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Duke SCORES Steering Committee, with appointment requiring a two-thirds majority. The term will be indefinite but assessed every two years. At the end of each year, Core Faculty Members will be asked to briefly summarize their contributions to be shared with their Department Chair and Duke SCORES leadership.

Faculty who are interested in a Core Faculty appointment may submit a request directly to the Director or may be proposed by a current Duke SCORES Core Faculty member. The request should be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. NIH format biosketch (preferred) or current CV with relevant health services research highlighted
  2. A brief statement (up to one page) of the applicant’s personal contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion.