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  • March 3: TBD
  • April 7: "Visuals and Presenting: Helping Your Science Go Down Easier By Making it Look Better" – Karl Bates

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Duke SCORES Biostatistics Workshops

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Interdisciplinary Surgical Colloquia for Outcomes Research (ISCORe)

The purpose of this colloquia series is to promote interdisciplinary research around surgical outcomes between Duke SCORES, the Department of Population Health Sciences, the Department of Anesthesia Critical Care and Perioperative Population Health Research (CAPER) Unit, and DCRI Musculoskeletal and Surgical Sciences Research. 

Upcoming Collquia

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Previous Colloquia

March 2021 "Patient Choice & Decision Making"

  • Christoper Cox, MD - “Surprising results of first application of a decision aid in acute care”
  • Juan Marcos Gonzalez Sepulveda, PhD - “Quantitative Preference Methods and Regulatory Decision Making”

December 2020 "MarketScan Showcase"

  • David Jang, MD - "Improving Healthcare Efficiencey Through MarketScan"
  • Jonathan Routh, MD, MPH - "Predicting Postoperative Complications in Pediatric Surgery: Derivation of a Novel Pediatric Surgical Comorbidity Index"

October 2019 "Geospatial Research"

  • Julia Krauchanka, MD, PhD – “Determinants of geographic disparities in mortality and morbidity in the US: disease-specific patterns, time trends, and contributing factors”
  • Betty Tong, MD, MHS, MS & Tina Tailor, MD – “Lung Cancer Screening: Going the Distance”

June 2019 "Clinical Informatics"

  • Keith Marsolo, “Value-based care, precision medicine and real-world evidence studies: A prescription for increased interoperability and improved data quality?”
  • Maggie Horn, “Integration of Patient-reported Outcomes Collection within the Electronic Health Record: Lessons Learned and Future Directions"

March 2019 "Machine Learning"

  • Lawrence Carin, "The Coming AI Disruption of Healthcare"
  • Leila Mureebe, "Machine Learning with Clinical Data"
  • Michael Cary, "Machine Learning Basics: Advice and Resources for Clinical Researchers"

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