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Randall P. Scheri, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

What is your specific area of interest in health services?
I am a fellowship trained surgical oncologist with a clinical focus in endocrine surgery and melanoma who has been on faculty at Duke since 2007. My primary research interest are clinical outcomes using large national databases including SEER, NCDB, and HCUP-NIS, decision and cost-effective analysis, comparative effectiveness, and health-care disparities pertaining to endocrine surgery and melanoma. 
What is an example of your best work in health services research?
The management of thyroid nodules, when fine needle aspiration cytology reveals an indeterminate follicular neoplasm, is challenging, as these tumors may be benign, follicular thyroid cancer, or the follicular variant of thyroid cancer, all of which require different treatment. Using the NCDB, we developed a bedside calculator to distinguish follicular thyroid cancer from the follicular variant of thyroid cancer assisting clinicians in determining the most appropriate therapy.

In your opinion, what is an important health services research question that needs to be answered in the field of thyroid cancer?
Determining the appropriate management of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. Specifically, the most cost-effective treatment for the work-up of thyroid nodules in the context of molecular testing and the most cost-effective management for thyroid cancer: surveillance vs lobectomy vs total thyroidectomy. 
Fun fact about Dr. Scheri!  

I enjoy adventurous travel to remote areas of the world. Some of my most recent vacations have been to Vietnam, Alaska, Uganda, Chile, and Australia.