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Impact of Covid-19 on kidney transplant and waiting list patients: Lessons from the first wave of the pandemic.

BACKGROUND: The first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a drastic reduction in kidney transplantation and a profound change in transplant care in France. It is critical for kidney transplant centers to understand the behaviors, concerns and wishes of transplant recipients and waiting list candidates. METHODS: French kidney patients were contacted to answer an online electronic survey at the end of the lockdown. RESULTS: At the end of the first wave of the pandemic in France (11 May 2020), 2112 kidney transplant recipients and 487 candidates answered the survey. More candidates than recipients left their home during the lockdown, mainly for health care (80.1% vs. 69.4%; P<0.001). More candidates than recipients reported being exposed to Covid-19 patients (2.7% vs. 1.2%; P=0.006). Many recipients and even more candidates felt inadequately informed by their transplant center during the pandemic (19.6% vs. 54%; P<0.001). Among candidates, 71.1% preferred to undergo transplant as soon as possible, 19.5% preferred to wait until Covid-19 had left their community, and 9.4% were not sure what to do. CONCLUSIONS: During the Covid-19 pandemic in France, the majority of candidates wished to receive a transplant as soon as possible without waiting until Covid-19 had left their community. Communication between kidney transplant centers and patients must be improved to better understand and serve patients' needs.


Couzi, Lionel, Miriam Manook, Sophie Caillard, Éric Épailly, Benoît Barrou, Dany Anglicheau, Mathias Buchler, et al. “Impact of Covid-19 on kidney transplant and waiting list patients: Lessons from the first wave of the pandemic.” Nephrol Ther 17, no. 4 (August 2021): 245–51.

Published Date: 
Sunday, August 1, 2021
Published In: 
Nephrol Ther