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Anti-HIV Tigliane Diterpenoids from Wikstroemia scytophylla.

During a chemical investigation of Wikstroemia scytophylla, three new [wikstrocins A-C (1-3)] and three known tigliane diterpenoids (4-6) were isolated. The structures of the new compounds were elucidated from extensive physiochemical and spectroscopic analysis. The correlations between the ECD Cotton effects and B ring structures of tiglianes were also evaluated. The isolated compounds were assessed for their anti-HIV activity against HIV-1 infection of MT4 cells, and two compounds (4 and 6) showed potent anti-HIV activity with IC50 values of 3.8 and 12.8 nM, respectively.


Otsuki, Kouharu, Mi Zhang, Asuka Yamamoto, Minami Tsuji, Miyuko Tejima, Zi-Song Bai, Di Zhou, et al. “Anti-HIV Tigliane Diterpenoids from Wikstroemia scytophylla.” J Nat Prod 83, no. 12 (December 24, 2020): 3584–90.

Published Date: 
Thursday, December 24, 2020
Published In: 
Journal of Natural Products