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Spina Bifida Health-care Guidelines for Men's Health.

Spina bifida has traditionally been regarded as a pediatric health issue with little regard to adult consequences of the disorder. The congenital neurologic and urologic anomalies, as well as sequelae of bladder management, can have a profound impact on adult male sexual function. Abnormalities in testicular descent, development, and function; fertility; penile sensation; erectile function; ejaculatory function; and orgasmic function are common. Prostate cancer has been diagnosed in men with spina bifida, but little data are available to guide screening, diagnosis, and treatment efforts. The Spina Bifida Association has supported development of guidelines for health care providers to address male health issues in individuals with spina bifida throughout their lives.


Wiener, JS, Frimberger, DC, and Wood, H. "Spina Bifida Health-care Guidelines for Men's Health." Urology 116 (June 2018): 218-226. (Review)

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Friday, June 1, 2018
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