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Care of the Patient with Chest Pain in the Observation Unit.

Care of the patient presenting to an emergency department (ED) with chest pain remains a common yet challenging aspect of emergency medicine. Acute coronary syndrome presents in nonspecific fashion. The development and evolution of the ED-based observation unit has helped to safely assess and diagnose those most at risk for an adverse cardiac event. Furthermore, there are several provocative testing modalities to help assess for coronary artery disease. This article serves to describe and discuss the modern ED-based observation unit approach to patients with chest pain and/or angina equivalents presenting to an ED.


Borawski, JB, Graff, LG, and Limkakeng, AT. "Care of the Patient with Chest Pain in the Observation Unit." Emergency medicine clinics of North America 35, no. 3 (August 2017): 535-547. (Review)

Published Date: 
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Published In: 
Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America