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Stakeholder-Engaged Research Approaches

June 17, 2021 - 10:00am to 12:45pm
Jennifer Gierisch, PhD, Associate Professor in Population Health Sciences

Research study findings are used to form the foundation of clinical practice, patient decision making, and policy. Yet, funders, policy makers and the research community state that research can be ineffectual and irrelevant without patient, clinician, and other key stakeholder input. To bridge this gap, population health researchers and clinical scientists should know how to engage diverse stakeholders and how to be responsive to their needs, preferences, and values. This will help generate more applicable evidence for clinical and health policy decision-making and increase the dissemination and sustainability of research findings in the real world.

This workshop will teach how to include patients and other key stakeholders as respected collaborators in the research process and will build skills that optimize authentic engagement. Learning how to apply stakeholder engagement is an evidence-based approach to improve study feasibility, acceptability, relevance, and rigor.

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Early Bird Pricing ends Jan. 31. Register for 4 workshops and get 25% off.
Class Size: Limit 25 with 6 student slots